Tuesday, December 11

Fright Time

If you're as big a horror movie buff as me, then you sure need to watch the films listed below (unless you have already, in which case you can watch them again)...

Let me also tell you that I get freaked out by most movies, or atleast some scene in most spectral movies. This might make you call my taste rubbish, but hey, this is my blog, and I will talk about my fav horror films in this post. Just so we're clear :-)

Here's the "ghostly" list (not in any particular order). 7 movies for the next week, one night at a time...

1. Bhoot - My all time fave Hindi horror movie. It was a rage back then, but even now, you will see people speaking about Urmila's awesome acting and the terrific direction. This Bollywood movie gave me sleepless nights, and had me clamoring each time it was talked about or screened on TV (edited obviously, but exciting nevertheless). Good performances by the other actors, too - Rekha, Ajay Devgn (Devgan / Devgun / whatever).

2. Forget me not - I watched this recently and loved the climax. Totally unexpected end. It's about a group of friends and how their friends start forgetting them once they are dead. Who's killing them? Why? How is everybody's memory erased? Great watch.

3. Ragini MMS - Interesting story, simple yet gives you the chills. A guy tries to seduce his girlfriend to create a porn video, and things start going awfully wrong in the deserted house.

4. The Exorcism of Emily Rose - Now this is a brilliant movie, perfect in every sense. A lot of its scenes have been ripped off by other unimaginative directors. Yet, the thrill quotient is nothing short of extreme. No doubt you've watched a lot of exorcism dramas, but this one really takes the cake. Don't miss it.

5. Pet Cemetry - A very old movie, but remains on the top 10 list of any horror page. It's a story of a family that loses a pet and then a child. With a life-giving cemetry situated next door, what would you expect?

6. Raaz / 1920 - Now I am not particularly fond of the actors in both these films, but there is something very rugged and believable about them both. Dead lovers and their vengeance - that thought deserves a rightful place on this list. Watch and enjoy!!

7. The Ring - Innovative. Creepy. Nice flick. You watch a movie, and then get someone else to watch it right after so that you can skip being murdered. What's the story? Who's the little girl? Crazy sh*t.

I could recommend a lot of other movies - Shelter, The Unborn, Talaash, Vaastu Shastra, Shining, Phoonk 2, Apparition, Darna Mana / Zaroori Hai and some others that are more thrilling than horror like The Omen, Final Destination, Orphan and Bhool Bhullaiya. I also know Paranormal Activity and Blairwitch have their own charm, but I don't like the live camera series. Borrrrrring to keep watching for 2 hours and get scared for less than 2 minutes. Need something faster and scarier.

Happy, spooky December !!!

Boo :-)


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