Wednesday, April 18


The entire world’s closing in on me as I sink into an oblivion wherein I can neither float nor rise.

Maybe that’s what I must do now. Give in. Not resist. Not fight back. Just lie back and be numb.

Watch the scenes racing past me until I hit rock bottom and collide with the mass that will save me from this painful consciousness.

Sometimes death’s a rescue; a thing to embrace and not to fear or avoid.

Life is not easy. There are all kinds of situations to deal with, all kinds of people to face, all kinds of troubles to solve, and all kinds of discomforts to put up with.

Why all the hullaballoo about death? It’s living that is more difficult, laborious and agonizing.

The best of us learn how to adapt, and how to act. How to retain our sanity and honesty in a world that demands various shades of being true and fake.

A married woman who claims to love her husband and spends hours writing poetry about another prospective lover.

A sly guy who would spare no effort in fooling and licking up to the ones that can aid him in his pursuit of an easy, entertaining and effortless life.

An arrogant man who can pull the reins that he holds, but with no hold over the minds of the hardworking and efficient team that he heads.

A man who believes that he was born to be taken care of, not deserving of dignity or awe, but expecting everything as his prerogative.

Acquaintances who pretend to like each other and can’t wait to put down the very person they proudly and very overtly hail, as soon as their backs are turned.

Hypocrites that do not have the courage to stand up and accept the truth that may damage their so-called image or prospects.

An exploitative, ungrateful family that hurts and destroys the simple, loving son who still yearns and tries to fulfil their each and every need.

Leaders who pretend to want nothing of their own, yet scamper for cover and torch the ones below when the first sight of doom presents itself.

Friends who wait to be called in times of need and renounce friendships at the drop of a hat.

People who announce that they’re god’s gift to the universe, those that can’t make one intelligible conversation that does not reek of half-baked lies and pomposity.

Oh, what world do we live in?

Adapt and act...

Sometimes, you just need to give in. Lie back and watch the drama.

And if you’re lucky, you get some popcorn to go with it :-)

Hang in there, good times are not too far away !!!


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Vishal Bheeroo said...

Sometimes we should go with the flow and things be as it is. Everything will fall in its place.

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