Tuesday, February 14

Blessed... To Have U

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Happy Valentine's Day, you'all...

I thought I was perfect,
Though my world was a jumble;
When I see the way you adore me,
Your love makes me feel humble.

Your eyes, they speak a million words,
The warmth they bestow upon me is divine;
Your gaze transports me to heaven,
You’re my guardian angel so fine.

Stand by me, your arms say,
As you clutch me in your embrace;
My fears and worries take flight,
I could stay that way for days.

Could I be so fortunate?
To have you to love and call my own;
You make me feel like a queen,
Your heart is my treasure, my throne.

It’s unbelievable, they way you’re there for me,
So incredible is your passion, fore-sightedness and care;
And then you say you’re fortunate to have me,
That your world without me is bare.

You’ve made me lose my inhibitions,
With you I feel so brave;
Within moments I have in my palm,
Anything that I recollect or crave.

It drives me insane, your need for me,
It places me on cloud nine;
I want to scream to the world,
You’re mine, all mine, all mine!

You seem to know me better than myself,
Your trust scares me, is it misplaced, I wonder?
Will you be happy and proud of us,
In times of hail, sunshine and thunder?

My thousand words fail, when you utter “I love you”,
All I want is to make you mine;
If I let you go away,
All my life I’ll regret and pine.

Knowing what I do, and believing what I see,
How can I ever deny?
That you’re my one and only,
Every hurdle and rule, for me, you’d defy.

To have someone that’s devoted,
Is a feat knotty and rare;
And yet, when I behold you,
My heart wishes to dream and dare.

They tell me this won't last,
They say love is a mirage, a deception;
I laugh at them all, and their blindness,
Coz what we have, you and I, is surely no illusion.

Come, my beloved, hold my hand,
And we’ll walk away from the world and its pain galore;
With you lies my future and destiny,
I could never ask for more...

Honoured to be,
Your truly


The Solitary Writer said...

I should say that this poem was too good..I loved the abcb scheme which you intend to maintain through out the stanzas and it actually adorned your poem and its expressive too...Happy Valentines day Anuja :)


Vishal Bheeroo said...

This poem is too beautiful..el perfecto..True love happens when the person let us be ourselves.
Hope u had a gr8 valentine.

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