Thursday, March 15

When the going gets tough...

His first love.

Hers too.

To her, each time felt like the first time.

Cougar relations don’t survive, her friends told her.

Well, time would tell. It had kept mum for the last 3 years.

They were still madly in love. More than the day they’d got engaged, and less than what they knew they’d feel in a few years time…

Their love was a thriller like no other. Movies with the same theme had released and flopped in B-town, but living that life was an altogether different “story”.

Boy loved girl. Girl was dating another guy. This guy broke her heart and she wanted to keep away from commitments of any sort. Boy approached girl. They became friends, and she did not realise when she fell in love with him.

The mad kinda love that cannot be held back or manipulated.

Miya biwi raazi, but the families objected. Kya karega qaazi.

They spent days, months and years convincing their parents. Telling them about how crazy they were for each other, and how desolate and helpless without each other. The parents did not relent. Not even when they threatened to elope. “Run away,” they said, “coz we shall never agree to this match.”

Matches were made in heaven. But their realisation was subject to conditions that weren’t clearly specified anywhere. How else would you describe and explain the sad tales of Heer-Ranjha, Romeo-Juliet, and all those famous, ill-fated couples?

It wouldn’t happen to them, they decided. Society would mock them for a few days and then find other gossip to chuckle over. This was a matter of their life, and they owed it to themselves to choose what they thought was right. What happened later, they would deal with, themselves.

They ran away and got married, there was no other way. Life was not a bed of roses, but their love kept budding every day and blossoming every night. The scent of their bliss pervaded through every difficulty and carried them smiling through every struggle. Every minute was worth it, every success brought them closer.

Happy love stories are scarce, right?

Well, you shall be disappointed this time. Coz there was no shock waiting around the corner. Life continued to be merry, and what wasn’t so chilled out was made divine by their love and concern for each other.

Sometimes you gotta be brave. Sometimes you gotta go against the flow. Sometimes you gotta hurt those that worry for you and ignore when they guide you to do something.

Coz sometimes it’s not about what’s right or wrong. It’s about your heart.

A heart that is often wrong, but sometimes right.

If you ignore your heart then, you shall regret it forever.

And it’s easier to live with challenges than with regret. Coz a happily chosen test is way better than a forced compromise.

Be a fighter, listen to your heart.

If you stumble, get up and wipe off the grime.

Don’t shed a tear, don’t look back.

Be content with the fact that you chose the path for yourself.

You learnt something new, and you came out stronger.

Better a mistake than a regret.

Coz not everyone who wanders is aimless, and not everyone who quits is a loser…

Love, Luck, Laughter…

(Last line taken from the Hollywood flick “Mona Lisa Smile”)

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Vishal Bheeroo said...

Amazing post superlike. We should always follow our heart and the rest doesn't matter...Anuja Rathi is truly awesome:)

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