Wednesday, September 21

A MiniWok to Remember

Great company always makes for excellent meals.

But if the food and ambience are pleasing as well, it leads to an altogether delightful experience.

Such is the way I’d summarize my dinner at MiniWok – The Oriental Kitchen.

Previously SMS with a fun attitude, apna adda in Model colony next to Om Super Market / opp Eden Court is now back in a completely professional aura. (Yeah, the one next to Symbiosis ELTIS / Distance Learning Centre)

That it’s owned by a close friend is one reason why the place is special to me, but even otherwise, I think MiniWok is marvellously conceptualized, designed and created.

They serve Thai and Chinese cuisine, but that does not stop previous regulars from dropping in asking for a quick bite. I guess this paves the way for MiniKadhai and MiniTawa. Serendipity, they say!

(Get those grey cells pumping, Dips. This could very well make you India’s top entrepreneur and restaurateur!)

MiniWok has a cozy and friendly air about it. It’s not too huge at the moment, but easily seats 16. The open kitchen is definitely one of their attractions. It’s clean and fun to watch. They also offer takeaway and have an extensive menu that caters to all taste buds – authentic and Indianized.

I loved the vast range of starters – veg, chicken, prawn, mutton; it’s got something for everyone, and could easily substitute the main course. I regaled my taste buds with Chilly Prawns and Mushroom Money Bags. While the MiniWok touts the latter as their signature dish, I was more impressed by the prawn preparation. The prawns were succulent and crunchy, and the spices and flavour were just right.

The Money Bags (called because they’re shaped thus), consist of chopped mushrooms in wontons doused in sweet, tangy sauce. For a mushroom lover like me, chopped ones don’t do justice, and so I fancied the Thai Chilly Mushroom more. Also try the Schezwan Babycorn if you’re here – it’s quite delicious and filling. Kung Pao Chicken and Egg Fried Rice followed, both steaming and yummy.

The portions are decent, and a meal for 2 costs between 600-800 bucks.

Desserts and drinks are yet to be added to the menu, and home delivery will start shortly.

All the best to you, Deepti Kasbekar!!! You do me proud, and I’m sure this is just the beginning…

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Vishal Bheeroo said...

first of all, sorry fr not being on touch blog wise..was disconnected fr 14 days I'm back today only and sounds as if i'm on virtual world for the first tym in the world..
Hey I knw dis place it was an awesome place n quite cool. Now, that's enuf reason to visit d place..looking forward fr it from Dec 20 where I shall be in Pune

Princess said...

And you do know Deepti !!! You'll love it, I'm sure :-)


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