Friday, July 13

Melancholy Mirth

Hello People...

Yeah, I kno its been quite long, but I've been quite bz... work n coll n assignments n family... but its been a highly interesting week... I've grown a yr older (duno if any wiser!)... But d saddest fact is I dint receive even a SINGLE present :-( only flowers (lovely roses all u kind folks!), but not a single gift to unwrap... cakes, yes... they're still in my fridge, so evry1 wid a sweet tooth can jus drop in for a bite (provided ur carryin a gift). hehe ;-) u can c jus how old n mature i've turned... n yes, i also complete a yr as a language trainer, so cheers! its been an awesome experience, n m very very glad i got dis opportunity :-)

Well, enuf abt myself... let d story go on!!! We're gona meet sum1 who luvs to b hated, n is a merry volunteer of d "i'm victimizd" brigade... enjoy...

Hamid cald himself a victim; a victim of ill-fate, a victim of injustice, a victim of unhappiness. He claimd ppl used him n dumpd him. He said nobody cared for him. N so he deservd his weekly dose of alcohol... week after week after week.

He saw himself as a messiah of sorts; sum1 who did thins for others widout expectin anythin in return. He went outa his way (as per his view) to help others n they very carelessly flung him away widout a hint of gratitude or concern. So, to get over this "traumatized state", Hamid drank. Drank till he got sloshd n dint know his left hand from his right... Beer, vodka, whisky, rum... He was 22, and d only wkend he rememberd whn he was sober, was whn his grandmum expired n he had to stay home wid his family. D rest of his Saturdays n Sundays went in a sort of haze whr all he cud recall was sittin down wid a bottle of alcohol wid his frens...Thn all was fun n merriment. They danced n laughd n went for drives n did crazy thins as young boys r wont to do. Their partying carried on well unto dawn, at which time Hamid would either stay with his friends or wonder of wonders, manage to get to his bedroom. 2 nites outa 7, dis is wat Hamid did. The remaining 5 nites, Hamid spent touring and travelling across the state for his father's bzness.

Lately, the bzness hadn't been doing well. And a time came when his dad had to shut shop and hamid had to search for a job outside. The family moved to a smaller apartment. Though his parents had some savings, Hamid still had to earn well to get his 3 younger sisters educated and married (His dad decided to retire). Hamid took up a salesman's job with a detergent company. His salary was decent, and when money matters got difficult, he borrowd from someone. This dint stop him from maintaining his "2 nites a week" schedule. After all, he reasoned, cudnt he hav dis one pleasure for life???

Q : Do u think Hamid's life will ever change? How?

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