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Toddler Tales


So I saw this hilarious picture on Facebook which spoke about 13 things that toddlers can do which (unfortunate) grown-ups like you and me can't.

Here is the list: 

1. Sleep on 15 pillows and wake up without a neck ache
Damn, this is true! The number of times I've heard myself and others complain about sprains in the neck and waist or an aching arm because somebody did not position themselves ergonomically while dozing! And yet, I observe my little bub sleeping in all possible (and some impossible) positions and then bouncing around like a rubber ball without a hint of any pain anywhere. Wonder where they get this miraculous trait from. Not from me, I am sure, who needs her "just right thickness" pillows and mattress...

2. Wear nothing but underwear and shoes while Grandma is over
And sometimes, not even that. 
Now, that's a bummer. 
I am not the dressy types, and there is nothing I hate more than getting dressed up AND then sitting at home. Home = PJ and sloppy ts…