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A wanderer's fantasy

(This poem was conceived as an entry into an Indiblogger contest : one that promises a trip to Melbourne, no less!! And if that does not sound worth it or exciting, then you MUST visit this website :

Founded in 1835, Hey you can call me naive! But I'm going to Melbourne soon, And I'd need facts to stay alive.
As I step out of the Tullamarine, An airport so huge and fine; I marvel at the City of Literature, The street art as rich as full-bodied wine.

Unravelling the numerous charms, Hidden in the city divine; The aura and versatility, Enthrall the body, heart and mind.
Struck by wanderlust, I "shuffle" through the Melbourne lanes; Having my fill of the Australian cultural capital, My fatigue and boredom wanes.

A lively, ambitious teenager hoping to study further, I held Melbourne inspiring and dear; (Did you know Cate Blanchett, Rupert Murdoch And Kylie Minogue were born here?)
A hop, skip and jump, On and off the free City Circle tram; The Docklands and Coo…

Angels and Demons

Too often, I am accused of being stupidly optimistic and foolishly positive about people.

"Naive" - they call me.

I forgive too easily, as I want to give people a second (and a third and a fourth and hundredth chance....)

That it all happened unintentionally, that it was a mistake, is my confident assumption. No matter what evidence might reveal.

I've always believed that people want to be good, and being good is the natural thing to do. It is THE way to be, as a first choice and inclination, for everyone without exception. Going by that logic, I suppose that people will think well of each other, help each other in times of need, talk highly of each other and not want to or act in a way that will either mentally hurt or negatively impact anybody else.

I trust human beings will be good as far as their volition is concerned. It is only in extreme or unfortunate circumstances that they would behave in a "bad" ( = abnormal) way. After all, isn't being nice easier th…

Mera Ghar, Mera Aangan

What’s in a name, said Kalidas.
All right, all right. Before you hit the panic button and call to inform me about this typo, let me accept that Shakespeare said it.
But hey, what’s in a name?!!!
And I’m not just talking about adding an extra “K” or dropping the “E” from your name. The numerology business, albeit beyond me, still does not compel one to abandon an age old name and accept a new one, hopefully with a new and desired identity.  
I’m speaking about the entire name. Your tag. Your personality maestro.
Care to disagree?
Why else would Kareena Kapoor flip on hearing the name “Ranchhoddas Chanchad” in the super-duper-blockbuster Three Idiots?
It’s funny how certain opinions accompany certain names.
Would Rajeshwardas in the 21st century ever want to be called respectfully with his full first name?? (Quite a mouthful anyway.) I’m 200% sure he’d jump and stick and hold on tight to the pet name Raj (naam toh suna hoga….!!)
Talk about places for that matter. Deccan is hep, bu…

Customer Jaaye, Par Sale Na Jaaye...

"The customer is always right" is no more the rule of thumb in service.

In fact, each day dawns bright with a new and novel way to show the customer just how stupid, dumb, unreasonable, demanding, disrespectable and unwanted he is. Simply put, he's more an inconvenience than anything else.

At least that's what it appears like.

Tired, grumpy faces. Repetitive questions. Dripping sarcasm. Unwillingness to listen or understand. Refusal to assist. Innovative ways to deny help. That's the new definition of customer service in the 21st century.

It's revolting. It's pathetic. It's unacceptable.

What can we do about it? Nothing.

Coz customers can be lost forever, but one has to protect the sale : The new mantra of service.

Or at least that's what is evident.

I'm not writing this based on one incident. Indians are a forgiving, adjusting and tolerant species; we're used to being disrespected and ignored. It wouldn't be unfair to say that we total…

Real Ever After's

“He cant make you laugh, he cant make you cry… Looks like he hasn’t touched your heart yet.”
I always remember this lovely dialogue from the Bollywood movie Bluffmaster (starring AB’s baby and Piggy Chops). It’s true. You cant be happy with someone who cannot impact you in a way that makes you react.
You can survive and co-exist, yes. But live a passionate, lively moment, no.
And if not, then what use is it being with that person? Aren’t you better off alone?!!
Whoever said they’ve never fought with their partner / spouse is kidding you for sure. Or maybe their relationship has not reached the level where they totally trust and know each other. They are probably still in the initial, formal stage where they are quietly unsure or politely tolerant of everything that their partner says, does, wants or thinks.
Akhilesh is a wonderful guy and a great husband. He’s terrific simply coz I love him, and he’s a gem coz he loves me like few other people dream of being loved and fewer still actuall…