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Portentous Bliss

Blessed r d ppl who cry
They hav tears dat cooperate,
Sum1 I know bleeds wid pain
Yet cant vent d hurt inflictd by fate…

To b weak is a strength
Dat softens minds wicked,
D wise and mature suffer
For not bein dumb and crooked.

She’s lonely in crowd
Her joys wrapd in a shroud,
She sings herself to sleep
And her day ends wid a tearless weep…

“Happy? Of curz m happy!”
She nods her head and squeals;
But ask her deep inside,
How content she feels…

A shrug and silent sigh
Betray her depresin unrest,
D very folks she lives for,
Are those dat hurt her best.

“Where do I err?” she murmurs
“Where am I so wrong?”
Days tumble into each other,
As she wonders all night long.

Each second she yearns for luv,
Each second she grows desperate;
Blessed r d ppl who cry
They hav tears dat cooperate…- Lonely Princess

Shantaram – II

Bac again… Not an entirely pleasant experience dis time coz Shantaram’s taken an evil, ugly, gory turn. D violence in jail dat Lin endures is horrific, n I cringed each time I read abt d police’s mental and physical brutalities. Plus thrs a lot of economics and black market specifics; as readers of my blog kno, I hate technical details. In fact, I hate details! Explanations n justifications r my pet hate, except whn m givin my side of d case ;-)

Well, thrs dis segment on sufferin dat I found very engaging. A topic largely thot abt and very wel spoken on, d book stil manages to deliver sum punches in d form of one-liners and explanatory sermons. Here’s a few o thm… sum wid my wisecracks, and d rest betr widout it ;-)

- Is suffering what is done to you or what’s taken away frm u? Come to think o it, its both, what in psychology is termed punishment and negative reinforcement respectively. In my opinion, the latter is worse, coz it’s less vivid, more subtle and more frustratin…

- Suffering …

Aeeeee Shantaraaaamm...

Some men are born gr8, others hav gr8ness thrust upon thm. Find ur moment…
– Night at d museum (Hollywood movie starring Ben Stiller )

(Dubbed in Hindi and called “”Museum ke andar fas gaya Sikander” (… so much for innovativeness!)

How you doin ppl? Feels nice eh wid d sun shinin away to glory… some respite frm d fury o d rains… I'v recently joind as an Associate Consultant at Alchemy Mngt. Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. My first full-time day job aftr MA... so far so gud, but hopin tons for d future!

Here’s wat I promisd u d last time – excerpts and (like it or not) my comments on Shantaram, a book by Gregory David Roberts. Aftr havin putting off reading d book (or “Purana” is a betr name, considerin d 930+ pages in d book) for a long time, d critics and my pet bookseller finally managed to convince me to start dis epic. M glad… d book is an amazing read, d language cute, d observations about life and people profound yet lucid (even d parts whr d Indian Hinglish version is writn)… it includes…

About people and peace

Hows it goin buddies?! I’m havin a gr8 time, relaxin n workin for myself… N bloggin whnever I can! My MA result’s out; I got an O (outstanding) grade wid GPA 5.94 / 6. Evrybdy’s congratulatin bt m nt too plsd… I kno m greedy, but I was hopin to bag 16 O’s outa 16, a perfect score… I got 15, a measly Org. Behvr paper ruined my goal… Anyways studies over for gud, so party time folks!!

I’m goin to office and jus spndin time these days. Was chatting with a German colleague d odr day, and I cudn’t help noticing whn he said that we as Indians r an unprofessional lot. Punctuality is a crime, and we dont adhere to times and timetables. We stand people up without informing them in advance. And if (fortunately or unfortunately) we turn up, we cant muster the etiquette to say sorry or give any reasons for our absence/late-coming. Teachers are to be respectd, nevr to b Qed and that’s it. He was irritated coz his partner’s takin dance lessons in d city, and most dance teachers are lazy and not a…