Sunday, June 10

On Cloud 9 this Monsoon !!

Well, well, well.... The news is out.... It's time to break it here as well...

Pardon my tardiness in updating my blog and connecting with you. Not just my professional life, but my personal life has been full of action these past few weeks... 

Count in my laser eye surgery that leaves me without my soda glasses and a lot of compliments and confidence. And of course my training on process aspects at work (IT Support is really logical and cool, man !!!) 

And... I'm getting engaged and married this June... 


Thanks for all your wishes and prayers. I'll be back soon, just as quickly as routine permits. 

In the meanwhile, keep rocking and keep smiling!!

Loads of love to you'all,
Soon to be Mrs :-)

For now, Anuja aka Princess

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